About Us

Chelson Construction is a family run business that completely understands that you - our customers - are busy.  That's why you and your schedule comes first.    At Chelson Construction we know that you have a choice of who to invite into your home.  Honesty and integrity are important  values that we uphold in our family - and  we take these values with us on a daily basis. 

You want your project done right and as efficiently as possible - so do we.   When you call us for an estimate on your project, we will try and give you as much information and options available for you to complete your project.  We will not provide you with a low estimate  that's missing half of what you will need just to get your business.  Our estimates are detailed and cover exactly what you want done.  Anything short of this is just, well plain dishonest.   We've all heard from friends and family about the "contractor nightmare"  You know  -  the one where the project cost twice as much as originally estimated and then took 3 times as long to actually complete.  Unfortunately we can't do anything about these companies -  "one rotten apple does spoil the barrel"    So we invite you to check our references, and read our testimonials.  We do respect our customers privacy, so you won't find names and phone numbers on this site.  But we are more than happy to provide them when we meet to discuss your project.   We have a very personal stake in making sure that you are completely satisfied with your project.  We are a local business and depend upon satisfied and happy customers. 

Our job isn't done until you are completely satisfied - guaranteed.

Walk through every step

personally supervised

Family oriented